Israeli Troops Massed on Gaza Border, Poised for Invasion


By John Glasser

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel’s bombardment of Gaza on Wednesday mark only the beginning of military operations, just hours after Israeli President Shimon Peres called President Obama to update him on the airstrikes.

Israel killed the military commander of Hamas in an airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Israeli troops have massed on the Gaza border, poised for invasion.

This latest surge of violence between Israel and Gaza militants occurred after Israel shot and killed at least two Gazans and intruded into Gaza with tanks and bulldozers. In response, Gaza militants fired a missile at an Israeli army jeep, wounding four soldiers – to which Israel responded with an extended bombardment of airstrikes.

But the Israeli leadership continue to try and claim Hamas initiated the flare up in violence, issuing the same statements of war rhetoric as always.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that no country in the world would accept a situation in which rockets are fired at its citizens and that Israel can’t accept it either.

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