Rupee News also identified fake bin Laden in video as “Akbar Khan, the landord”

Rupee News also identified fake bin Laden in video as “Akbar Khan, the landord”

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By Andrew Steele

I discovered another news source that identifies the man in the “bin Laden watching TV” video as Akbar Khan, listing him as the landlord of the house where the raid happened.

During a BBC report an Abbottabad local by the name of Shabir looked at a picture in a newspaper, taken from the video put out that the U.S. government claims is of Osama bin Laden.  Shabir identified the man as Akbar Khan, who he said was his neighbor that he knew very well, and who owned the house where bin Laden was allegedly killed by Seals on May 1st, 2011.  Shabir was ignored by reporter Orla Guerin, who went on to lament about how Pakistani locals were refusing to swallow foreign propaganda and the White House’s shady story about the raid.  Most of the mainstream media has identified the owner of the compound as Arshad Khan–bin Laden’s alleged courier–who was shot in the raid and whose death photos have been released.  (He looked nothng like the old man in the so called “bin Laden watching TV” video…neither did Osama bin Laden for that matter).  Now other stories reporting that ”Akbar Khan” was one of the co-owners of the compound (along with his brother Rashid) are being discovered, backing up Shabir’s claim.  Along with Anwar Shakir’s story on Bloomberg’s website published May 4th, we now have this from  the Rupee News, May 10th, 2011…

Didn’t Osama Bin Laden have a black beard?

All pictures of Osama Bin Laden show him with a black beard–albeit, some pictures show him with a few gray hairs. The recently released video shows a man sitting on the floor with a white beard. Local Abbottabadis recognize the man as Mr. Akbar Khan, the landlord of Waziristan House where the Navy Seal raid took place. The CIA narrative is that it is a video of Mr. Bin Laden watching his own video. The man with the white beard has no mustache reflecting the Hanafi school, while OBL had a mustache that follow Wahabi or Salafi doctrine.


*Financial Times story verifies that Akbar Khan (man named as actual person in ‘seized bin Laden video’) really existed and owned the residence

*Bloomberg named “Akbar Khan” (aka fake bin Laden watching TV in video) as co-owner of supposed bin Laden compound

*Could the fake bin Laden watching TV in video, referenced as “Akbar Khan” on BBC, be related to Arshad Khan?

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